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Face Painting Removal Tips

Updated: Jul 7

There is no doubt Face Painting is popular, fun and amazing. Big and small always have a blast at parties that offer Face Painting as entertainment. Not to mention those reactions when the mirror moment comes, guests are always delighted to see their kids reaction, it is definitely a priceless moment. But like everything, (Face Painting is no exception) the party has to come to an end, and that is when... everyone goes home and there you are in front of your bathroom mirror, thinking wether or not to take your beautiful, intricate face paint off let alone your kid's... oh that beautiful butterfly! Then you snap some last selfies and move on to the sad moment where you have to wash your face paint off.

I know is sad, that's why you need to keep my info handy for your next event, but in the meantime I wanted to share some tips on how to safely remove your and your kid's face paint. Here you go:

Face Painting for Church Festival
Birthday Parties

  1. Baby wipes work great. Face painter's secret: grab a wipe, press it towards your face DO NOT RUB just press gently all over your design making sure you're also pressing on the edges and you will see how your beautiful face paint gets transferred on to the wipe... like a stamp, almost impeccable, once the wipe is completely dry you can save it as a souvenir. Thank me later!

  2. Soap and water... NO MAKE UP REMOVAL! see the best will always be the simplest things in life. Remove your face paint with soap and water and make sure ALL face paint is removed before drying with a towel because face paint WILL stain your towels.

  3. NEVER EVER even if is very tempting go to bed with your face painted... it will not only clog your pores BUT will also stain your beautiful 600 thread count organic sheets, seriously... DON'T!

  4. Our professional face paints are high pigmented to make sure your design stands out, is vibrant and colorful. After washing, some staining of the skin is expected, common and normal. Staining will fade away within a few hours and you don't need to rub your skin, you might irritate it.

  5. And lastly, after you have washed your face don't forget to moisturize.

Sweet Dreams!


Lead Artist and Owner

Dreams in Technicolor FP

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